Sunday, March 24, 2013

Gujhiya - Part II

Let's begin from where we ended yesterday. We will now make the Gujhiya's with the stuffing that we made but before I start that let me reminiscence a little about my childhood. We used to live in a township and during every festival all aunties of the same group would assemble at each other's place turn by turn and would help in making stuff like Gujhiya which is a tiresome & boring job. I remember how much fun we kid used to have then and would also blackmail our mothers into letting us make some Guhjiya's. My brat did a little of that today, he hijacked our main tool i.e. the spoon with which we shape the Gujhiya. I had to finally play The Car Story to get him off our back.

Sigh!! good old days!!! Anyways, let us get on with the job


Maida -            1/2 Kg
Water -            For making the dough
Ghee/ Dalda -   For frying
Ghee/ Dalda -   3-4 Tbsp for Moin
Stuffing -          Ingredients & process is here 

Melt the ghee/ dalda for moin. Take the maida in a parat and add the moin. The trick of adjudging the correctness of the moin is that when you mix it with the maida and take it in a hand a ladoo should form (like in the picture). Now slowly add the water and make a dough which is tight, quite like the way we make for poori. Cover the dough and leave it for 15-20 mins.

I forgot to melt the ghee! You shouldn't
See A ladoo/ lump to check the correctness of the moin

Now, get yourself a chakla, belan, this spoon with which you can cut the ends or the Gujhiya cutter. I will now let the images talk

All Set!
The mold! We used a spoon cutter
This big a portion of the dough

Roll out the poori, remember it should neither be too thick nor too thin

Put the stuffing the center

Bring in the sides together to seal (you can apply a little water on one side to seal it). Remember to close it properly otherwise the stuffing can break out while frying. Also remember not to over stuff. 

Now cut the corners

Like This

1/2 Kg dough made 55 Gujhiya's for us, you can adjust the quantity accordingly.

Take a Kadhai, add the Ghee/ dalda (we used dalda because Ghee would have been too heavy) and let it get heated up. Points to note while frying the gujhiya's
  • When you are starting the oil should be warm. Check the heat by putting in a small ball, if it springs up immediately you are ready to fry.
  • Keep the flame at medium and put in 3 pieces of Gujhiya.
  • Within a minute the poori will swell up, turn the gujhiya.
  • Keep turning them till they turn pinkish and then take them out.
  • Maintain same heat all the time.
  • Be Patient!!! :D
Ready to be fried

Another view
In the oil


The Bunch is ready!

Phew! Thank you Reema for making me do this, hope you make them!! And a bigger thanks to my Mother In Law for teaching me this and being there, without her I wouldn't have made this because she did the 60% mehnat here. 

Have a great holi everybody :)


  1. It's high time i learn making these...I remember my grandmom making these before diwali...I am going to make a call to her now and get her recipe :)

    1. I hope u r making them!!! The only reason that I have started doing this is to give my SOn the same kind of memories that I have.

  2. they look so yummy! I really want to make them sometime.

  3. Wow.. Looking very perfect & lovely... Awesome gujhiyas :)

  4. again...memories of my childhood are gushing in :D

    I always used to sneak in a piece before the pooja, and the whole lot will be over in flat 3 days between me and my brother :D