Saturday, March 23, 2013

Besan Ke Ladoo!

This afternoon I updated my Personal blog and talked about how I was planning to make various dishes for Holi. After reading that post Reema commented, "Why don't you share recipes for these things pre-holi, so that the lesser ortals like me can also attempt making them at home. I say, try to post some tomorrow. But do it before Holi, otherwise it wil be too late." 

After reading her comment I realized it wasn't a bad idea at all, though it would be a tight fight for me because I seldom blog from home but then I thought there is no harm in trying. I finally decided to give in to the challenge because I know that there are many people like me who would want to make these things but they either lack in motivation or guidance. In my case I have the benefit that my MIL lives with me and knows a lot about making sweets. She loves making them and is very sweetly passing on the tips to me. So what better way than jotting down the recipes here (along with the tips).

So lets begin without much ado the Besan ke Ladoo

Besan Ke Ladoo


Makes 30 pieces

Besan (Gram Flour) -                       1/2 kg
Powdered Sugar/ Sugar Boora -      300 gms (400 gms if you like extra sweet)
Ghee -                                              300 gms
Dry Fruits - Raisin & Cashew nuts    A Handful


Heat the ghee on a high flame in a Kadhai (skillet) and add besan to it. Keep stirring on the high flame for 2-3 mins and then reduce the flame. Keep stirring the besan so that it doesn't get stuck and neither does it burn. This is a long process but you need to be patient.
You need to be careful while putting the ghee because if the quantity of same is in excess it will be very difficult to bind the ladoo's (I had committed this mistake during diwali and my ladoos were quite sticky) later. You can check the correctness of the quantity of ghee by checking the consistency of the besan in the kadhai. The consistency should be like a halwa. See the picture below.

Check the Consistency!
Keep turning the besan and turn off the gas went it turns light golden in colour. Also remember that you need to stir the mixture for some more time because the vessel is very hot and the besan can burn.

Stir like there is no tomorrow
Let the mixture rest for sometime and in the meanwhile you can powder the sugar. It is however preferable to use the boora as it gives a nice texture to the Ladoo. Out here the same is not available so my MIL made it at home and I will post a separate post for that, for now you can substitute that with the sugar.

See the change in the colour, It is ready!
15-20 mins later take the besan and add powdered sugar & dry fruits to it. The trick here is that the besan should be lukewarm when you add the remaining ingredients in it. The reason behind it is very simple, they are easier to bind then. Mix them well and the ladoo's are ready to be made. Take a small portion in your palms and very firmly smooth roll it into a ball.

Ready to be married!!



Saas Bahu aur Ladoo!

Ready to be devoured


  1. Thank you so much Smita. I appreciate your efforts and I will not let you down :-) I am definitely gonna make them. So sweet of you to put this up so fast. Hugs!

    1. Arrey thanks for motivating me otherwise God knows when I would have put these up. Am coming up with the stuffing of Gujhiya on 10-15 mins. Rest 2moro!!!

      Hope it turns out well for you :)

    2. God willing, I am going to do this tonight :-) but I am very scared of besan. Most of my attempts of making besan ka halwa have gone wrong.

  2. This was Zini's favorite...But has now fallen from grace :(
    Still MIL carries it for her every time she visits...

    1. Aah!! You we were talking amongst ourselves ki shud we make ladoo or barfi and my brat says "ladoo banao" and the decision was made :D

  3. She makes barfi, so we just put the whole thing in a plate and cut and store and eat :).