Saturday, March 23, 2013

Gujhiya - The Stuffing - Part I

Let us get on with the most important dish without which Holi is incomplete especially in all North Indian Homes. Gujhiya, is a time taking dish and you need to have patience while making it. Many of my Holi memories are associated with how I used to sit with my Mom while she maked them year on year. How I would request her to involve me and how she would graciously allow me to roll out one or two poori's for this. Sigh!!! Good old days!!!

We are making this in phases and since I have time & mood right now I decided I might as well put up the 1st part here.


Ingredients for the stuffing

Khoya/ Mawa -     1/2 Kg
Powdered Sugar - 1/2 Kg
Sooji -                   200 gms
Desi Ghee -           2 tbsp
Elaichi -                 5-6
Dry Fruits -            Raisins & Cashew nuts a handful each

The most crucial part of the stuffing is the mawa which is readily available at all dairies. However my MIL doesn't have a very good opinion about them so she makes her own Mawa religiously. Sadly for me I have never been a witness to it as she makes it when I am at work because she feels that if we make it when I come back it would be very late :-( but I owe it to her for doing all this mehnat for us.

MIL's efforts!! The Mawa!
In a skillet add the ghee and put the sooji in it. Fry it at low flame till it turns a light brown like in the picture.


Now add the Khoya in it. Powder the Sugar along with the Cardamom and add it to the mixture along with the dry fruits. The stuffing, also known as kasar is now ready. Let it cool down & store it, to be used later for making the Gujhiya's.
Waiting to be sweetened

Ready to be Powdered

Added to the Khoya + Suji Mixture

Throw in the Dry Fruits!

Waiting to be stuffed!
Here is the Part II of this recipe.


  1. Perhaps someday Mawa will be available in NZ. Till then I'll just have to drool over the pics and memories of my MIL's goonjia during Diwali.

  2. Oh this brought back so many memories :)