Monday, January 21, 2013

Strawberry Jam!

I have always been a strawberry lover...I just love its smell because there is something magical about it. Surprisingly I got hold of real strawberries when I moved to Mumbai before that I had eaten it in various forms like Ice cream, Milkshake etc. During my pregnancy I had gorged upon many a glasses of fresh strawberry milkshake. Unfortunately Hubby has never been a fan of the lovely fruit & fortunately Arnav also loves them.
That is why when I saw this post from Revati I knew I had to try this Strawberry Jam for two reasons
  • Arnav is a jam fanatic
  • The recipe was so very simple that it is criminal to not try it.
Such was my excitement that I forgot my throat pain & tiredness. But as is said all is well that ends well because my brat loved the jam so much that he just couldn't keep his fingers off it.
Fresh Strawberry Approx 1.5 cup
Sugar                 In exactly the same proportion as Strawberries
Finely chop the Strawberries, measure it & take the same amount of sugar.
Put the both in a heavy pan and switch on the gas. Keeping it on a medium flame, stir till the sugar dissolves.
Put the gas on sim now and keep stirring the mixture. Keep stiring so that the sugar doesn't get burnt & it doesn't stick also. The Jam should be ready in 15-20 mins. Check the consistency of the jam, when it forms a neat unbroken string between your thumb and index finger consider it to be done.


Notes: My Jam was a little overcooked and getting it out is a little mehnat but for first time It was good! Thanks Revati for thuis lovely recipe. As you can see my brat cannot have enough of it.


  1. A strawberry jam has such a simple recipe!! Wow!! Will try it out sometime!

    1. Ya very simple...and u can visit Revati's site for better instructions :)

  2. Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  3. lovely...just today i saw my veggie seller has fresh strawberries bt was apprehensive to buy....came back and arnav's pic with the jam in i got those strawberries and trying your recipe :)

  4. Wow looks yummmm and seems to be simple to try. Let my little foodie start eating jams and I will surely try it out then :)

  5. Yummm...I love strawberries too. My fave way of eating them is to dip with nutella and have...delicious. Strawberry and chocolate in one go :) I should try this recipe too.

  6. Great Smita! This looks lovely. Last year I too overcooked it a tad and the jam, though tasty, took some mehnat to take out and spread. If you like you can transfer it back into a pan, loosen with a spoon/knife, add a little bit of water and recook the whole thing. It will dissolve once again and you can this time stop cooking it before it hardens. The trick is to turn it off when it is still pretty liquidy, as it tends to harden when it cools. This can be done, if you have the time, but you will need to consume it faster because of the added water it might not stay fresh for very long. I dont think you will have a problem with that though, gauging by Arnav's love for jam :)